Every year, we work with local universities to provide internship opportunities to students and future graduates. Learn more about what a 361 internship is like here and contact with a resume and cover letter.

The people at 361 are what make us such a successful organization. We are consistently reviewing applications for the following positions:

• Project Manager
• Project Engineer
• Construction Office Administrator

If the following values are something you want to be a part of and can commit to delivering on, please send a resume and cover letter to We are looking for bright, motivated, and energetic people who will excel as members of a high paced and accountable team culture.

Mission and Values

1. Value Delivery

We believe that our success exists by virtue of our ability to deliver exceptional value to the clients and project stakeholders we work with.

2. Project Leadership

The 361° Project Leadership © model is more than project management. Through our proven

process, we chart the path and take the lead for project success

3. Creating Lasting Partnerships

We create lasting partnerships by looking beyond the project.

4. Learning Organization

We practice personal and organizational development consistently in order to stay at the forefront of our field.

These are the values we practice at 361 Degrees to achieve our mission of setting the bar for project delivery and creating lasting partnerships with our clients, from start to finish.