Morning Story Restaurant


Another landmark project for Denver’s premier Commercial Contractor,  361 Degrees Builders accomplished an impressive feat with this snappy remodel. In only 6 days, 361 Degrees turned the well endeared, yet broken-in-glove diner into a modern, clean and artistic fine dining space.

Working closely with the owners, the new, tasteful style of the restaurant took shape as 361 mobilized an impressive workforce. The remodel was planned out through a focus on pre-construction, and planning with the project management team resulted in a total project schedule of only one week!

361 Degrees builders tackled this project with deliberate, concise oversight of their trades. Attention to detail is a pillar of 361’s mission statement. The final product was stunning to owners and loyal patrons, and the already popular breakfast joint has been booming.

"361 Builders absolutely rocked the remodel of our restaurants. We changed out flooring, banquets, painted walls, replaced lighting and took out and revamped half walls in the restaurant AND WE WERE ONLY CLOSED FOR A WEEK.” Said Jessen Gregory, Owner of Morning Story, “They brought to fruition the design that was created by a third-party and when faced with a challenge created smart and sleek solutions which added to the original design. The 361 team are all-stars from top to bottom, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any construction project big or small".

The local community has been pleased with Denver’s premier commercial contractor, 361. Morning Story only missed one week of business for the remodel.