Advanced Trade Outreach


           At 361 Degrees, we pride ourselves on the extensiveness of our trade pool and the great working relationships we have with the trades we use. Our network of trades, vendors, and suppliers is vast and is a major factor in setting 361 Degrees apart from the pack. We have built phenomenal working relationships with a massive list of trades in Denver and along the I-70 corridor. In addition to our working relationships, we use software solutions that connectus to established and pre-qualified trades in the areas we work in. By utilizing technology to our advantage, we are able to have a much broader outreach than most general contractors who rely heavily on the local trades.

           By using our software, we are able to reach out to more serious trades in less time which results in more competitive bids. This gives us a serious leg up in trade outreach that not all our competitors are utilizing. Bringing this solution to Buena Vista has already proven great results and allowed us to reach out to trades we would have not found through google and other sources.

           This is just one of the many advantages to choosing 361 Degrees as your next builder. The tools we have at our disposal give us an advantage and our processes provide value and service to our clients that is second to none. Reach out and see what 361 Degrees can do for your next project.