Morning Story

The Morning Story restaurants have long been a staple breakfast and brunch dining location in the Denver area for countless loyal customers. The remodel - patrons feared - would put them out of their weekly routine of dining with friends and family at their favorite restaurant. 361 put these concerns at ease, as we completed a drastic transformation and upgrade of the space in only 6 days! Customers who came by during construction were given free meal vouchers for their troubles to use with their families the following week. The Morning Story restaurants and 361 Builders built a lasting relationship of trust and congeniality. Look for more newly remodeled locations to come!

361 Degrees absolutely rocked the remodel of our restaurants. We changed out flooring, banquets, painted walls, replaced lighting and took out and revamped half walls in the restaurant AND WE WERE ONLY CLOSED FOR A WEEK. They brought to fruition the design that was created by a third-party and when faced with a challenge created smart and sleek solutions which added to the original design. The 361 team are all-stars from top to bottom, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any construction project big or small”

-Jessen Gregory, Morning Story Owner
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